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NAME: T. K. Narasimha Chary 
H-3  Samrat Complex 
Opp. A.G.’s Office (East Gate) 
Saifabad, Hyderabad 500 004, India 
        Home A-103, My Home Hill View Apartments 
Raj Bhavan Road, Somajiguda, 
Hyderabad - 500 082 , India. 
Telephone: 011-91-40-599161 (Clinic
011-91-40-3314163 (Home
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1985 Royal College Of Physicians, United Kingdom. 
1984 Royal College Of Physicians and Surgeons, Ireland. 
1983 Royal College Of Physicians, United Kingdom. 
M.R.C.P (Part 1)
1973 Pune University, Pune, India. 
1971 Armed Forces Medical College, Pune, India. 
Post Graduate Advanced Medicine Certificate
1967 Armed Forces Medical College, Pune, India. 
1984 M.R.C. Psych. Part II. 
Guildford Surrey University, U.K.
1982 -1984 M.R.C. Psych. Part I and Part II. 
Royal Infirmary, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, U.K.
1981 -1982 M.R.C. Psych. Part I. 
Royal Liverpool Hospital, U.K.
1979 Advanced Medicine Course. 
Royal Post-Graduate Medical School., London, U.K.
1974 Junior Commander Medical Officer’s Course. 
Armed Forces Medical College, Pune, India.
1971 -1973 Advanced Medicine Course. 
Armed Forces Medical College, Pune, India.
1967 Ranked first in the University in the M.B.B.S. Examination
1962-1967 Merit Scholarship, Ministry of Defense, Government of India
United Kingdom Full Registration, General Medical Council 
No. 215906
India Full Registration, Maharashtra  Medical Council 
No. 27230

  • Life Member  Indian Red Cross Society
  • Life Member  Indian Psychiatric Society
  • Life Member National Society For The Blind (A P State)
1995-till date:
  • Director, Centre For Mind-Body Medicine and Spiritual Therapy
  • Psychiatrist, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad, India
  • Consultant, Medha Psychological  Testing Center
  • Consultant, Medha Center for holistic Medicine & Research in Spirituality
  • Psychiatrist, Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences ( A deemed University)
  • Psychiatrist, National Health Hospitals at Britain
  • Psychiatrist, Winwick Hospital , Warrington, Cheshire, U.K.
  • Psychiatrist, South Shields General Hospital, Tyne & Wear, U.K
  • Psychiatrist, Cherryknowle Hospital, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, U.K.
  • Psychiatrist, West Park Hospital, Epsom, Surrey, U.K.
  • Psychiatrist, Northwick Park Hospital and Clinical Research Center, Harrow, U.K.
  • Physician, Royal Oman Police, Sultanate of Oman
  • Physician, Indian Army Medical Corps, India

1989-1998 Post Graduate teaching at Nizam’s Institute of Medical  Sciences, Hyderabad, India.
1989- 1991 Post graduate teaching at Appollo Hospitals, Hyderabad, India
1981-1989 School of Nursing, Winwick Hospital, Warrington, U.K. 
School of Nursing, West Park Hospital Epsom, U.K. 
School of Nursing, Northwick Park Hospital, Harrow, U.K.
1978-1981 Taught nurses and junior medical officers at the Royal Oman Police Hospital, Sultanate of Oman
1967-1977 Taught nurses and junior medical officers at the Military Hospital, Ahmednagar, India. 
Taught junior medical officers, final year medical students and nurses at the Armed Forces Medical college and Command Hospital, Pune, India.
1985-1989 Role of Red Cell Folate and of S-adenosyl Methionine in Psychiatry, Clinical Research Center, Northwick Park Hospital, Harrow, London
1983-1985 Role of Lithium Carbonate in Psychiatry, W.H.O. M.M.R.C. Unit of West Park Hospital, Epsom, Surrey
1971-1973 Dissertation on “ A Clinical Study of Atrial Septal Defect- to corelate the Clinical, Radiological, Electrocardiographic and phono cardiographic findings with hemodynamic and operative findings”

  • A Placebo-controlled trial of 5-Methyl Tetra Hydro Folate(5-MTHF) in Psychiatric patients
  • The effects of 5-MTHF on plasma prolactin (PRL) levels in depressive and schizophrenic patients
  • The effects of 5-MTHF on platelet uptake of 5-Hydroxy tryptamine (5-HT) in depressive and schizophrenic patients
  • A clinical trial and metabolic studies of the effects of oral S-adenosyl methionine (SAMYR) in depression
  • The effects of oral SAM on platelet uptake of 5-HT in invitrio and invivo studies on depressed patients.
  • A clinical trial of 5-MTHF in long-term Lithium treated patients
1998- to date Correspondent, Janahitha trust. Starting and running evening schools for children in villages. To bring them out of the clutches of 'child labour'. Target 1000 by end 1999. So far 300 schools started since Oct 1998. This is part of the National Ekal Vidyalaya(single teacher School) Project which aims for One school in every slum, every tribal village and in every village of India by the year 2020. 
1996-Present Health camps and television programs to educate health professionals and the lay public about psychological and drug-related problems.

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